Jan. 21st, 2009

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Вчера Бекка сварганила маленького снеговика из 3-х снежных шариков. Снеговик остался ночевать на улице на нашем придверном коврике. Сегодня, прихожу с работы и Тания мне говорит заглянуть в морозилку. Ну я туда заглядываю и кто вы думаете у нас теперь там живёт...

Yesterday Becky made a small snowman out of three snow balls of various sizes.  The snowman was left to live outside on our door mat.  Today, I come home from work, and Tania tells me to look inside my freezer.  I go look.  can you guess who now lives in our freezer....


Да, это два верхних шарика от снеговика.  Третий остался ночевать на улице опять.  Почему этим шарикам надо было перекочевать в нашу морозилку, мне так и не объяснили.

Yes, that is two top snow balls from the snow man that lives outside.  The third ball still sits outside on our door mat.  Why two thirds of the snowman was transported to our freezer, I still don't know.  Nobody would give me an adequate answer.

Да, и для любопытно-озабоченных нашими нравами, вы абсолютно правы; всего две бутылки Абсолюта это просто позор.  Но не переживайте.  Остальные бутылки водки прекрасно себя чувствуют в нашей второй морозилке в подвале.

Also, for those who are very much conserned about our freezer contents, yes, I agree, that two bottles of Absolute is a disgrace.  But don't worry.  All other vodka bottles are stashed in our big freezer in the basement, so we are well stocked.  

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Since the begging of last week, girls have started a secret project under the code name “Piñata” which they are hiding in Tania's room.  Namely, Tania is teaching them to make a piñata out of a balloon, home made glue (flour, water, powdered chalk), and cut up supermarket flyers.  Each layer of this piñata needs a few days to dry, so now they are on level three.  Tania said that it will need many more layers, before they can pop the balloon and actually decorate this piñata. 

Yesterday, the three of them have made homemade play dough.  I came home from work and was greeted by two ecstatic girls holding precious clumps of pink, green and blue play dough.

Today, the whole table was covered in news papers and there were a ton of paint jars, brushes, and 4 more art works to be posted in this LJ soon.  But, in addition, Tania traced and cut out girls’ feet and labeled them with 'L' and 'R' and she is planning to place those cut outs around the house tomorrow to help Hannah learn her left and right. 

When it was bed time and I went into Becky's room, all of her laundry that was done today was neatly folded on her bed in sorted piles but not put away.  I asked Becky why her clothes were not put away.  Turn out that after the laundry was done, Becky refused to help Tania put away her clothes, so clothes were left on her bed.  Faced with the prospect of no place to sleep, Becky quickly put away all of her stuff with a little bit of my help. 

Today Hannah got a serious talking to from me.  Apparently, when they were doing laundry, she slammed the basement door into Tania’s face.  Hannah was faced with the prospect of not being allowed to go on her school trip to the museum if she does not start behaving herself with respect to others and was also made to apologies to Tania.  She eventually apologized to Tania while peeking from behind my back.

In the last couple week Adam and I noticed that girls have been spontaneously using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ without as many reminders as before.   Last week, Tania told me that she has asked Becky to do something and Becky told her that she will not until Tania uses ‘please’.    All in all, things have been good, although a lot more chaotic than before.


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Может я чего то не довариваю, но какую именно валюту обозначает сокращение у.е.?  Вроде не гривны, не рубли, и не доллары.  Может это евро, но тогда что означает у? 


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