Mar. 9th, 2009

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Since last conversation we had about keeping common areas clean, especially when it comes to food, things have been good. I have been coming home from work to a mostly clean house (floor in the kitchen/dining was never swept, but decided to let it go). Counters were clean, table was mostly clean, no leftover food or dirty dishes anywhere except for some in the sink, which is ok.


Today, after taking Hannah to the doctor this morning, I stopped at home to get her a sweater before I took her to the school. I left with Hannah at 8am, Tania was left at home with just Becky. They both were finishing their breakfast when I left. Becky was all dressed, backpack packed, teeth brushed, hair brushed, etc. The only thing they had left to do this morning was to wait 45 minutes, get Becky’s boots and jacket on and leave for school.


So why did I come home after doctor’s appointment and find Becky’s and Hannah’s breakfast plates with breadcrumbs and kiwi leftovers on the table, and table covered in sticky stains of dripped kiwi juice.  


I did talk to Tania before that I don’t want anything that may invite bugs left out on the counters or table. I guess we will be talking about it again tonight. And I was really hopping that we were past this as I am getting tired of repeating myself.


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