Mar. 18th, 2009

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I was expecting Becky to get sick since last Friday.  She has been supper tired and lethargic starting Friday morning (slept till 8:20am instead of usual 6:30am), did not eat her lunch in school, did not snack after school, and then slept the whole afternoon after school till 6pm.  Then the same on Saturday and Sunday, although she was better on Sunday, but her tiredness did not go away until yesterday (Tuesday).  So now it seems that she is fine, did not get sick or anything, although I still don't know what made her so tired for 4 days.

Hannah on the other hand seemed perfectly fine the whole time.  But, then yesterday evening while eating dinner she complained that her throat hurt when she was swallowing.  I checked and her throat did not seem to be read and she did not have any other symptoms.  So at first I thought she was just tying to get out of eating dinner.  However, after going to bed at normal time, Hannah woke up around 10pm naked, crying, and completely congested.  I know for a fact that two hours earlier when I tucked her in bed, she were pajamas. Anyhow, a decongestant, a new pajama, and a bunch of hugs later, Hannah went back to bed.  At 3:27am she came to visit me saying that she had a nightmare again, but went back to bad without any problems.  Then this morning, she woke up with 101 fever.  A tylenol and a short nap later, she is feeling a bit better, although she still have a fever. 

So now the fun part:  I am home with her this morning until Tania comes home from school around 12:30pm and then I will go to work.  Tomorrow Hannah has no school, so I will have to be home with her in the morning again, until Tania comes home from school, and then on Friday, Hannah has a school trip to the circus, so I will not be at work again in the morning.  As understanding as my boss is, I am just not sure how much she like me taking 3 morning off in the row.  I did tell her about taking Friday morning off before as that was a planned school trip, but today and tomorrow was not really planned. 
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Уже в 4-5 сообществах и жж наткнулась на такое очень загадочное слово: "миелофон" Алисы Селезнёвой.  "Гостья из будущего" конечно когда то смотрела, но это было давно.  Что такое "миелофон" не помню и для чего он и с чем его едят не знаю.  Мож кто просветит?

(Кажется в фильме были какие то золотые диски/монеты о которых надо было всё время помнить и кажется откусывать и ещё какая то фигня которая вроде всё размножала.  Это всё что помню.  Даже не помню о чем фильм был.)


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