Mar. 31st, 2009

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This morning, Becky discovered that she has another wiggling tooth.  So now, with two wiggling teeth in her mouth, I give her a hug, and tell her that Tooth Fairy will be very busy with her soon.

Becky asked me how much money the Tooth Fair will bring her to which I respond with "$2, like last time".  Becky immediately informed me that some Tooth Fairies bring $20 for each tooth.  Apparently, there is a boy in her class, who's Tooth Fairy is just that generous.  

I am just glad that she decided that there are different Tooth Fairies and not that this one Tooth Fairy is cheapening out on her.  

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Recently Becky discovered that things cost money and got freaked out about it.  This past Sunday, we were watching TV and the commercial for Blackberries came on.  Immediately Becky tells me that she wants a pink blackberry and then in the same breath asks me what is blackberry and why does it look so much like a phone.  After I tell her that it is a kind of a phone that does other things like email, she immediately starts crinkling her nose – a sign of a thought process.  After a brief pause for thought, comes at me with this monologue, which started slow, but was getting faster and louder as the reality of life was hitting her.


“Mom, you are paying $200 for the phone and blackberry?  When you had a blackberry you were paying $100 for blackberry and you also pay $100 for the phone.  OMG, Mom.  That is a lot of money.  You don’t have blackberry now because you did not want to be paying $100 for it?  Of course not, you still have the phone.  So you are paying $100 every 30 days?  EVERY 30 DAYS?!?!?!?  I don’t want a blackberry. I don’t want to pay $100 for it.  I don’t want the phone. I don’t want to be paying $100 every 30 days.  I will never have the phone.  EVER!  OK, mom?  I won’t be paying $100 every 30 days.  NO!” 


Well, at least she is starting to understand money and that they don’t grow on trees.  Wait till she finds out we pay for electricity and water.  She might decided to go off the grid altogether. 


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