Jan. 12th, 2009

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After I got some comments in my old post from like six month ago, plus have spend numerous email and phone conversations detailing my au pair saga, here is the official announcement.

We have a new au pair. The nice girl from Ukraine who came to stay with us initially turned out to be not so nice, so she is no longer living with us. We have a new au pair from Mexico, who joined our family in December. So far, so good, and I like her. Girls seem to like. And she seem to be lacking some of the most irritating features that the old girl from Ukraine had. We really hope it will work out this time.

End of announcement.


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Hannah and her friend D have devised a new plan for them to become sisters. Since Adam refused to marry D's mom, Hannah suggested to me today that I should marry D's dad. And then she said we will all be one family and live in D's house.

Why in D's house, you ask. Well, according to Hannah, D had a trampoline. Therefore, our house is not good enough for this new happy family. <rolls eyes>

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