Feb. 12th, 2009

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Кофе у нас в офисе славиться своей особой слабостью.  В следствии чего в мое чашке сейчас двойной эспрессо и капучино вместе.  Как вы думаете, мозги после это го заработают, или на сегодня это уже дохлый номер?


In my office, our coffee is famous for its weakness.  As a result of that, my cup right now contains double espresso and a cappuccino together.  Do you think this will wake up my brain or is it a completely lost cause for today?

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So how is this for the newest Au Pair development:

On Monday night, after everybody went to bed, I roasted a whole chicken so girls have what to eat the next day (I had beef stew prepared in the fridge for every one else, but girls don't eat it).

Tuesday morning was running late and ran out the door without giving Tania any specific instructions.  The whole chicken was in the fridge on the plate covered in foil.


Because I did not specifically point out the chicken, girls had pasta for dinner.  Did she not see the chicken?  Did she not think it was for girls?  I told her they can have anything in the fridge within reason (and not too many high carb things together).

I voobsche, as nice and hard working as she is, ona ne riba ne myaso.  I am starting to understand why girls are not clinging to her. 


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