Apr. 19th, 2009

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I am so glad this week is over and the new week will start.  This has been one of the craziest, logistically difficult, tiring weeks lately. 

Girls were home on school break.  Between, our au pair, Adam, and myself we needed to cover all hours of the week to make sure someone is home with kids.  Normally, it is not such a problem, except that our au pair takes classes in college when kids are school and her Spring break was during the previous week.  In addition, she is in school 4 days a week instead of 2 days a week, so we needed to cover extra days, and that did not work out.  Au pair ended up missing two days of school this week. 

Although girls were not in school, they were fully booked and scheduled for the whole week - 3 days they had activities in the local library.  2 track practices, 1 baseball practice, 1 playdate that lasted 5 hours instead of the planned 2.5 hours, a Mets baseball game that Adam took Becky to see, a birthday party to attend, and we will finish off this week with a classical music concert I will take Becky to see.  Plus Sveta with Zacky are coming over on Sunday for the day and we will be going shopping.  No rest for the weary. 

The result of the craziness is such that we are looking for the new au pair now.  Every single thing that this au pair could have done wrong this week - she did, in addition to our constant struggle with her to follow through with the things she needs to get done.  As much as I like her for the type of person that she is, she should have never been an au pair.  On Friday, we talked and she was the one who suggested that I should look for someone else.  She will stick around until I find someone and then she will go home.  She does not even want to finish her year which ends in the middle of September.  Oh well, you live and learn.  I just hope that I will strike gold at some point and find an au pair that will work out. 

In addition, the load at work is starting to pick up, so I will need to juggle the work with an inadequate au pair and basically micromanage her for the remainder of her stay with us, look for the new au pair, and stay on top of kids activities.  Wish me luck.


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