May. 6th, 2009

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On Saturday, I took Becky for a hair cut.  She was very proud of getting a big kid hair cut” “Just like on ‘What Not to Wear’, Mommy!”  Becky, in a very polite and grown up fashion explained to this hairdresser from SupperCuts what kind of cut she wants.  She asked for bangs and to have about 3 inches of lengths cut off.   When all was said and done, Becky was very happy.  She is especially proud of her new bangs, she never had them before, and proudly adds them to all her self-portraits.   


Hannah apparently felt a bit left out after Becky’s bragging about the hair cut.  In any case, on Sunday morning, we were getting dressed and ready go (to Brooklyn to pick our shower for the bathroom), and Hannah came to me asking to put bows in her hair.  I have spend time brushing her hair and putting bows in.  All the while I kept thinking that something is wrong but could not figure out what.  2 hours later, while were having lunch in the restaurant in Brooklyn and Hannah was sitting across the table from me, I finally saw it.  SHE CUT OFF HER BANGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  COMPLETELY!!!!!!!!!!!! DOWN TO THE STUBBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The entire front portion of her hair is gone.  In addition, she seriously butchered her hair on the sides and behind the ears.  So today, I took her to have her hair cut.  She ended up with a cute little bob and now looks like a little doll.  Her bangs will have to grow out. 


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