Jun. 1st, 2009

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June 11th cannot get here soon enough. That is when our new au pair is coming. I need my children back home after school where I can dictate what, when, and how my children do and what they eat. 


Becky is in after school program. Overall it is good. They do homework there. They play outside or in the gym. She is always sweaty and tired from active play when I pick her up, which is great. However, they also provide a snack (included as part of the program). Typical snack is a apple juice and a bag of either Doritos or Pretzels or some other chips/candies.  How’s that a snack? How is that supposed to give kids nutrition and energy?


Hannah spends afternoons at her school-friend’s house. Great for me since Hannah know the family, likes these kids, loves her perpetual play date, and has fun after school. Bad, because that family’s idea of after school snack is either McDonalds kids meal, chips, candies, or some other junk like that, plus sugary drinks. 


The worst part is that I cannot do anything about this in either Becky’s or Hannah’s case. Yes, I pay money for both arrangements, but I cannot change after school program and I cannot dictate to Hannah’s friend family what to feed her. Even though I am paying for this through the nose, they are doing me a favor after all. 


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