Mar. 5th, 2009

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Yesterday I noticed that supermarkets are getting ready for Passover. Tables are covered with Passover goodies. But, 1.5 months before the holiday, the goodies are being sold at insane prices. A package of 10 boxes of matzos is almost $20. When they will be on sale for $5 a week before the Passover, then we’ll talk.


I am tired of snow and cold and I want spring.


Our herbs, planted 2 weeks ago, are doing well and growing. I cannot wait when I can cook with them.


I am finally addressing the summer camp issue. Called 4 places yesterday and made appointments for when I can come in and talk to them and take a look around. Based on what they are saying, the early birth discount ends at the end of March, so I need to work this fast.


Many years ago, I used to use Russian-English dictionary since English was not a very familiar language. Now, I quite often use English-Russian dictionary when posting here. Since I am thinking in English now, sometimes, it is not easy to translate in Russian without help.


Вчера заметила что в супермаркетах появились столы заваленные Пасхальными вкуснятинами. Но за полтора месяца до праздника, цены на эти вкусности просто идиотские. За упаковку из 10 коробок мацы они хотят почти $20. Вот когда за неделю до пасхи будут продавать эту же мацу за $5, тогда и поговорим.


Хочу весны. Устала от снега и холодов.


На работе сейчас тишь что очень радует. До Апреля будет без напрягов.


Наши съедобные травки посаженые 2 недели назад растут и процветают. Не могу дождаться когда из них можно будет варить суп.


Я в плотную занялась летними лагерями. Вчера обзвонила 4 места и договорилась когда можно прийти на посмотреть. Это вопрос надо решить до конца месяца и заплатить задаток.


Когда-то, много лет назад, я пользовалась Русско-Английским словарём когда хотелось сказать что-то умное на не совсем знакомом мне языке. Сейчас повольно часто залажу в Англо-Русский словарь с теми-же целями когда пишу здесь. В голове то всё на Английском происходит, вот и приходиться переводить.

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I just remembered something that happened on Tuesday.

I came home from work and girls and Tania were at the table eating dinner.  Everything was well.  When they were done, and it was time to clean up the table, Hannah told (not asked) Tania to clean her plate and told Tania that she was a 'cleaning girl'.

Well, that did not go over well with me.  Besides the lecture that Hannah got from me regarding respecting people and polite way to speak, she was made to clean up the whole table and then to pick up everything off the floor in the dining and living room.  I also made her apologize to Tania, which she eventually did, but was not happy about.  Being made to clean was not a big deal to her, but apologizing she did not like.

The funny thing is, I asked Tania later if Hannah really did apologize to her and Tania said that she did not even know why I got upset. She did not actually hear Hannah call her 'cleaning girl'.

Later, when Adam got home, Hannah got another lecture form him about the respect and proper behavior.  To be honest, i am not sure how much of it Hannah absorbed, but I figured, if we keep talking, eventually, it will sink in.l


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