Feb. 24th, 2009

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Кани и я сегодня решили что надо на следующей недели сходить на Лабиринт (см. предыдущий пост) и зафоткать его.

А ещё у нас в офисе живёт обезьяна в травяной юбочке и с кокосовыми сиськами.  Могу тоже зафоткать если кто хочет.  Дайте знать.

Connie and I decided today that next week we will go to the Labyrinth (see earlier post) and take pictures of it.

Also, at our office, we have a monkey in the grass skirt and coconut boobs.  I can take pictures of that also if anyone is interested.  Let me know. 

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As everyone knows, my poor deprived children get to watch one hour of TV a day before bed, at most.  They definitely do not agree with this policy, but have realized that fighting this battle is futile for them, so they just live with this horrible discrimination.


Anyway, Tania, our au pair has been sick since yesterday.  Thankfully she is feeling better today and said that she will be fine watching girls.  So, in order to minimize the contact between girls and still sick Tania, I told them that after school, once they are done with their homework, they can watch TV so that they are not closely playing with Tania.  Girls are ecstatic.  Happy hugs and ‘You are the best mommy ever’ ensures.  Everyone is thrilled.


And now for the evil mommy plan:

Today, Adam will take girls to Becky’s school for book fair around 6pm.  So we asked Tania to give them dinner earlier, around 5-5:30 instead of the usual 6pm so that they can go to the book fair.  By the time they are done at the book fair and will pick me up from work afterwards, it will be their bed time.  They get home from school around 3:30pm; then snack and homework.  The earliest they will get to the TV will be 4:30pm.  They will be lucky to get 1 hour of TV before it’s dinner time and they have to leave.  Insert evil mommy laugh here.


Feb. 24th, 2009 11:29 pm
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Yes people, this is a screen shot of my email and in the last day it has been implied 4 times that I have a penis, and it was pointed to me twice that I need to have it enlarged and twice that apparently I also cannot get it up.   In addition, I have stinky messy bathroom sink that needs to be eliminated, possibly have diabetes and a heart decease, have a pet which I have not groomed in years, and lacking the ability to support myself financially.  But don't you worry, I have two excellent money making opportunities here: I can start making oodles of money on line, today, or I can sell all my gold for cash.  So I think I am all set here as soon as I can figure out what to do with my penis, how to keep my heart healthy and my sink clean, and how to support myself financially.   


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