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Что-то сегодня не работается.  На улице сильный ветер и ливень, но почему-то хочется туда с зонтиком.  Вообще, в 5-ти минутах от работы есть Tanger Outlets, и там всякие распродажи, финансовыми аудитами там даже и не пахнет.  А ещё, пока я гуляла по Калифорнии, меня тут подписали на тренинг в Манхетане на 3 дня на следующей недели.  А мне туда не хочется, да и время не очень есть туда ездить.  Интересно, сколько время займёт топать с 34-й и 7-й до 45-й и Мадисон? А то не хочется ещё и метро брать после электрички. А ещё и нас в офисе какая-то дверь скрипит так что кошки в душе скребутся.
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I told Sabrina last night about my company moving.  I explained to her that I don't have all details yet myself, but that at the very least it will affect her schedule once the move takes place, and that I will not be available to just stop by at home in the middle of the day if I need to.  We both ended up crying a little over this and then trying to calm each other down.

Then this morning,  I found her on the couch in the living room crying again.  She was upset about my job again and being concerned how it will end up affecting girls and that they will not see me as much and I wont be able to do things with them as much.  She ended up with telling me that she will do what she can to help girls to adjust and to help me out on the home front.

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My company is moving. Instead of having 12 mile and 17 minute commute, I will have 45 mile and 1.5 hour commute. ‘Nuff said.

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I am so glad this week is over and the new week will start.  This has been one of the craziest, logistically difficult, tiring weeks lately. 

Girls were home on school break.  Between, our au pair, Adam, and myself we needed to cover all hours of the week to make sure someone is home with kids.  Normally, it is not such a problem, except that our au pair takes classes in college when kids are school and her Spring break was during the previous week.  In addition, she is in school 4 days a week instead of 2 days a week, so we needed to cover extra days, and that did not work out.  Au pair ended up missing two days of school this week. 

Although girls were not in school, they were fully booked and scheduled for the whole week - 3 days they had activities in the local library.  2 track practices, 1 baseball practice, 1 playdate that lasted 5 hours instead of the planned 2.5 hours, a Mets baseball game that Adam took Becky to see, a birthday party to attend, and we will finish off this week with a classical music concert I will take Becky to see.  Plus Sveta with Zacky are coming over on Sunday for the day and we will be going shopping.  No rest for the weary. 

The result of the craziness is such that we are looking for the new au pair now.  Every single thing that this au pair could have done wrong this week - she did, in addition to our constant struggle with her to follow through with the things she needs to get done.  As much as I like her for the type of person that she is, she should have never been an au pair.  On Friday, we talked and she was the one who suggested that I should look for someone else.  She will stick around until I find someone and then she will go home.  She does not even want to finish her year which ends in the middle of September.  Oh well, you live and learn.  I just hope that I will strike gold at some point and find an au pair that will work out. 

In addition, the load at work is starting to pick up, so I will need to juggle the work with an inadequate au pair and basically micromanage her for the remainder of her stay with us, look for the new au pair, and stay on top of kids activities.  Wish me luck.
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I was expecting Becky to get sick since last Friday.  She has been supper tired and lethargic starting Friday morning (slept till 8:20am instead of usual 6:30am), did not eat her lunch in school, did not snack after school, and then slept the whole afternoon after school till 6pm.  Then the same on Saturday and Sunday, although she was better on Sunday, but her tiredness did not go away until yesterday (Tuesday).  So now it seems that she is fine, did not get sick or anything, although I still don't know what made her so tired for 4 days.

Hannah on the other hand seemed perfectly fine the whole time.  But, then yesterday evening while eating dinner she complained that her throat hurt when she was swallowing.  I checked and her throat did not seem to be read and she did not have any other symptoms.  So at first I thought she was just tying to get out of eating dinner.  However, after going to bed at normal time, Hannah woke up around 10pm naked, crying, and completely congested.  I know for a fact that two hours earlier when I tucked her in bed, she were pajamas. Anyhow, a decongestant, a new pajama, and a bunch of hugs later, Hannah went back to bed.  At 3:27am she came to visit me saying that she had a nightmare again, but went back to bad without any problems.  Then this morning, she woke up with 101 fever.  A tylenol and a short nap later, she is feeling a bit better, although she still have a fever. 

So now the fun part:  I am home with her this morning until Tania comes home from school around 12:30pm and then I will go to work.  Tomorrow Hannah has no school, so I will have to be home with her in the morning again, until Tania comes home from school, and then on Friday, Hannah has a school trip to the circus, so I will not be at work again in the morning.  As understanding as my boss is, I am just not sure how much she like me taking 3 morning off in the row.  I did tell her about taking Friday morning off before as that was a planned school trip, but today and tomorrow was not really planned. 


Mar. 16th, 2009 09:03 am
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How is possible that my egg omelet with turkey, tomatoes, and mushroom only costs $2 in our office cafeteria, whereas, my colleague’s egg-white omelet with just turkey costs $3?  Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Who am I?

Mar. 1st, 2009 02:53 am
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On Friday,  actually the whole last week, I was working late in the office.  So on Friday, one guy from the cleaning crew came over to me and asked me the same question I have been asked for the past almost 20 years.  "Where are you from?"  "From Brooklyn, New York," answered I.  The guy looks at me funny.  "No, last night,when you were here late, you were speaking a different language.  What language was it?" he asks.  "Russian" I say.  'Oh, so you are Russian!", he says happily for whatever reason.  'Yes", I say.  I should note here, that answering this question in details has gotten old for me about 15 years ago, so I usually say that I am Russian.  It makes life easier, trust me.  The guy looks at me and say (are you ready for this?), "You don't look Russian".  Huh?  "Really?", I say.  He lowers his voice to a whisper and practically in my ear say, "Please don't take this the wrong way, but you look Jewish".  HUH? 

So, for those of you who know me, just an FYI, I look Jewish.

For those of you who don't know, FYI, I look Jewish.  You should also probably know that I am from the former USSR.  I lived in the republic of Ukraine, which is now an independent country.  I speak Russian.  I do not speak Ukrainian.  AND, I am Jewish. 

Nice to meet you all.
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Кани и я сегодня решили что надо на следующей недели сходить на Лабиринт (см. предыдущий пост) и зафоткать его.

А ещё у нас в офисе живёт обезьяна в травяной юбочке и с кокосовыми сиськами.  Могу тоже зафоткать если кто хочет.  Дайте знать.

Connie and I decided today that next week we will go to the Labyrinth (see earlier post) and take pictures of it.

Also, at our office, we have a monkey in the grass skirt and coconut boobs.  I can take pictures of that also if anyone is interested.  Let me know. 

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Today, we got this email at work: (Comments in red are mine)






Сегодня получили на работы вот такую email. (Коментарии в красном от меня)






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Заявилась на работу сегодня, на пол часа опоздав, оставив свой ноут дoма, возле дверей.  Пришлось ехать домой за ноутом.  Утро началось забавно. 

Showed up at work today, half hour late, forgetting my laptop at home by the door.  Had to go back home to get the laptop.  An interesting start to the day.

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Кофе у нас в офисе славиться своей особой слабостью.  В следствии чего в мое чашке сейчас двойной эспрессо и капучино вместе.  Как вы думаете, мозги после это го заработают, или на сегодня это уже дохлый номер?


In my office, our coffee is famous for its weakness.  As a result of that, my cup right now contains double espresso and a cappuccino together.  Do you think this will wake up my brain or is it a completely lost cause for today?

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Сегодня в Америке принято приводить своих детей на работу (Bring your children to work day).

Этот замечательный день был задуман в 1993 году и был предназначен только для девочек (т.е. дочерей). В 2003 году решили подключить туда и мальчиков. Информация oт сюда. Так вот, делается это всё для того что бы дети, наше светлое будущее, посмотрели как бьют баклуши (т.e. работают) их родители и стали задумываться о своих будущих карьерах.

Так в чём же спрашивается не справедливость. А вот в чём. Моя замечательная компания где я работаю, каждый год на этот день устраивает целый день мероприятий для сих детей, где в организованной атмосфере, им рассказывают чем наша компания занимается и как мы приносим пользу миру. Всё это предназначено для малышни 6-ти лет и старше. А моей красотке 6-ть будет только в Августе. Так что привести её ну никак нельзя. Вот ребёнок расстроенный сегодня утром требовал что бы я ей пообещала что на следующий год обязательно возьму с собой.

Конечно малая начала высчитывать сколько ей надо ждать пока её возьмут. И когда оказалось что почти 3-и года, ушла в школу очень обиженной.

Вот такая вам не справедливость.
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