Sep. 9th, 2009 04:17 pm
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So they are back home from their first day at school.

Hannah was all upset when I talked to her because she did not get to play as much as she played at pre-K.  She is still reconciling that this is a real school and is more serious then last year.  Otherwise she was all happy and she saw a girl she went to pre-K with who is not in her class, but for some reason came to Hannah's class twice today.

Becky, who was hysterical and scared of the second grade greeted me with the following: "Mrs. Beggins is the best teacher ever, she is so nice, she reads a story to class everyday and there is no homework till Monday!"

After that they both hang up on my justifying it by saying that they need to get ready for their play date.  Sabrina arranged another play date for them with another au pair who watches two girls same ages are Becky and Hannah.  Becky also seems to like the older girl there, which is always a plus.  According to Sabrina, they are both into fashion and arts and craft and the other au pair told Sabrina that that girl also has hard time making friends. 

They don't know it yet, but they are getting cake and flowers tonight!

Love is...

Jul. 29th, 2009 09:45 am
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Becky finding a perfect heart-shaped shell on the beach and giving it to Adam and me "because you two love each other so much and I love you both".
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June 11th cannot get here soon enough. That is when our new au pair is coming. I need my children back home after school where I can dictate what, when, and how my children do and what they eat. 


Becky is in after school program. Overall it is good. They do homework there. They play outside or in the gym. She is always sweaty and tired from active play when I pick her up, which is great. However, they also provide a snack (included as part of the program). Typical snack is a apple juice and a bag of either Doritos or Pretzels or some other chips/candies.  How’s that a snack? How is that supposed to give kids nutrition and energy?


Hannah spends afternoons at her school-friend’s house. Great for me since Hannah know the family, likes these kids, loves her perpetual play date, and has fun after school. Bad, because that family’s idea of after school snack is either McDonalds kids meal, chips, candies, or some other junk like that, plus sugary drinks. 


The worst part is that I cannot do anything about this in either Becky’s or Hannah’s case. Yes, I pay money for both arrangements, but I cannot change after school program and I cannot dictate to Hannah’s friend family what to feed her. Even though I am paying for this through the nose, they are doing me a favor after all. 


May. 27th, 2009 11:08 am
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Yesterday during her baseball game Becky has hit the ball twice on first try.  This is huge, considering that she usually tries for about 10 swings, and then ends up batting from a 'tee'.  She was very proud, as was I. 
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Вчера у Беки была бэйсбольная игра.  Ну что вам сказать про способности моего ребёнка.  Мяч ударить битой у нас не получается совсем.  А когда её поставили охранять 1-й бэйс, то вместо того что бы ловить мячик, она подбирала с земли горсти грязи и зачем-то растирала её на своём животе.  В результате на её белой форменной футболки весь перёд стал жёлто-серый.  В конце концов она очнулась, побежала за мячом, подобрала его и прибежала обратно.  Счастья было....  И за все эти старания была её очередь получить "командный мяч" подписаный её тренером.  Сегодня она этот мяч гордо понесла в школу показывать друзьям.

А что делала Ханна в это время?  Ханна, в розовых брюках, белой кофточке, и розовой куртке, села на большую кучу смеси грязи с песком и очень заинтересованно там ковырялась - сначала палочкой, пором камушком, а потом и руками.  После этого ковыряния она начала подбирать и кидать мелкие камни за забор.

Пока я их привезла домой и забросила в ванну под душ мартышки мои были ну прямо как два чумазика-трубочиста.

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On Saturday, I took Becky for a hair cut.  She was very proud of getting a big kid hair cut” “Just like on ‘What Not to Wear’, Mommy!”  Becky, in a very polite and grown up fashion explained to this hairdresser from SupperCuts what kind of cut she wants.  She asked for bangs and to have about 3 inches of lengths cut off.   When all was said and done, Becky was very happy.  She is especially proud of her new bangs, she never had them before, and proudly adds them to all her self-portraits.   


Hannah apparently felt a bit left out after Becky’s bragging about the hair cut.  In any case, on Sunday morning, we were getting dressed and ready go (to Brooklyn to pick our shower for the bathroom), and Hannah came to me asking to put bows in her hair.  I have spend time brushing her hair and putting bows in.  All the while I kept thinking that something is wrong but could not figure out what.  2 hours later, while were having lunch in the restaurant in Brooklyn and Hannah was sitting across the table from me, I finally saw it.  SHE CUT OFF HER BANGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  COMPLETELY!!!!!!!!!!!! DOWN TO THE STUBBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The entire front portion of her hair is gone.  In addition, she seriously butchered her hair on the sides and behind the ears.  So today, I took her to have her hair cut.  She ended up with a cute little bob and now looks like a little doll.  Her bangs will have to grow out. 

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Yesterday, I took Becky to her first classical music concert. She exceeded my highest expectation. Although I planned to leave after the first half during the intermission, as I did not think she would even last that long, her first words once the intermission started were: “Mommy, I don’t want to go home yet. I want to hear the piano.” So we stayed. She was a bit restless during the second half, but she behaved herself really well. I did not even have to shoosh her once.  We listened to the Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 3 and Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5. Becky told me later that while listening to the Symphony she was imagining that it was the music from the Cinderella’s wedding to her prince charming and at various times when music changed it was the arrival of guests at the wedding. One particularly cheery and fast excerpt of music, she attributed to the arrival of Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). 


Apr. 2nd, 2009 11:07 am
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Becky's track practice starts next week.  Coach sent out email saying that all athletes should come wearing sneakers and sweats. 

This morning:
Adam: Becky, you will need to wear sweat pants and sweatshirt next week for your track.  And we will get you new sneakers this weekend.
Becky:  NO!  I want to wear pretty tights and a skort!
Adam: But Becky, this is what coach said you should wear.
Becky: But I won't be pretty then.  *starts crying over the lost prettiness of her outfit*
Adam:  And when you have competitions, you will have to wear uniform that coach gives you.
Becky:  And what if I don't like the color?  I want a pink uniform!

She is such a diva.
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Recently Becky discovered that things cost money and got freaked out about it.  This past Sunday, we were watching TV and the commercial for Blackberries came on.  Immediately Becky tells me that she wants a pink blackberry and then in the same breath asks me what is blackberry and why does it look so much like a phone.  After I tell her that it is a kind of a phone that does other things like email, she immediately starts crinkling her nose – a sign of a thought process.  After a brief pause for thought, comes at me with this monologue, which started slow, but was getting faster and louder as the reality of life was hitting her.


“Mom, you are paying $200 for the phone and blackberry?  When you had a blackberry you were paying $100 for blackberry and you also pay $100 for the phone.  OMG, Mom.  That is a lot of money.  You don’t have blackberry now because you did not want to be paying $100 for it?  Of course not, you still have the phone.  So you are paying $100 every 30 days?  EVERY 30 DAYS?!?!?!?  I don’t want a blackberry. I don’t want to pay $100 for it.  I don’t want the phone. I don’t want to be paying $100 every 30 days.  I will never have the phone.  EVER!  OK, mom?  I won’t be paying $100 every 30 days.  NO!” 


Well, at least she is starting to understand money and that they don’t grow on trees.  Wait till she finds out we pay for electricity and water.  She might decided to go off the grid altogether. 

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This morning, Becky discovered that she has another wiggling tooth.  So now, with two wiggling teeth in her mouth, I give her a hug, and tell her that Tooth Fairy will be very busy with her soon.

Becky asked me how much money the Tooth Fair will bring her to which I respond with "$2, like last time".  Becky immediately informed me that some Tooth Fairies bring $20 for each tooth.  Apparently, there is a boy in her class, who's Tooth Fairy is just that generous.  

I am just glad that she decided that there are different Tooth Fairies and not that this one Tooth Fairy is cheapening out on her.  

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Старшая ребёнoчка сегодня приготовила себе яичницу на завтрак  совершено самостоятельно.  Я только включила газ и потом лопаткой перевернула яичницу на другую сторону.  Она внимательно смотрела как я орудую лопаткой и сказала что завтра будет переворачивать сама.  Вот так и подрастаем!

Older child today prepared her breakfast omelet entirely by herself.  I only turned on gas and then flipped the omelet with the spatula.  She was following my expert movements with the spatula and said that tomorrow she will be flipping her omelet herself.  And this is how kids are growing!

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I was expecting Becky to get sick since last Friday.  She has been supper tired and lethargic starting Friday morning (slept till 8:20am instead of usual 6:30am), did not eat her lunch in school, did not snack after school, and then slept the whole afternoon after school till 6pm.  Then the same on Saturday and Sunday, although she was better on Sunday, but her tiredness did not go away until yesterday (Tuesday).  So now it seems that she is fine, did not get sick or anything, although I still don't know what made her so tired for 4 days.

Hannah on the other hand seemed perfectly fine the whole time.  But, then yesterday evening while eating dinner she complained that her throat hurt when she was swallowing.  I checked and her throat did not seem to be read and she did not have any other symptoms.  So at first I thought she was just tying to get out of eating dinner.  However, after going to bed at normal time, Hannah woke up around 10pm naked, crying, and completely congested.  I know for a fact that two hours earlier when I tucked her in bed, she were pajamas. Anyhow, a decongestant, a new pajama, and a bunch of hugs later, Hannah went back to bed.  At 3:27am she came to visit me saying that she had a nightmare again, but went back to bad without any problems.  Then this morning, she woke up with 101 fever.  A tylenol and a short nap later, she is feeling a bit better, although she still have a fever. 

So now the fun part:  I am home with her this morning until Tania comes home from school around 12:30pm and then I will go to work.  Tomorrow Hannah has no school, so I will have to be home with her in the morning again, until Tania comes home from school, and then on Friday, Hannah has a school trip to the circus, so I will not be at work again in the morning.  As understanding as my boss is, I am just not sure how much she like me taking 3 morning off in the row.  I did tell her about taking Friday morning off before as that was a planned school trip, but today and tomorrow was not really planned. 
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A little melt down demonstrated by Becky started innocent enough; she wanted to know what is a phone bill. Oh, the drama... )
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Дети себе сегодня сами готовили завтрак.  Происходило это так:

Бека достала яйца из холодильника.
Хана плакала что она хотела достать яйца.
Я  разбила одно яйцо в тарелочку.
Бека достала молоко из холодильника.
Хана плакала что она хотела достать молоко.
Я налила чуть чуть молока в разбитое яйцо.
Хана плакала что она хотела налить молоко.
Бека вилкой разболтала яйцо для яичницы.
Я вилкой разболтала Бекино яйцо для яичницы так что оно разболталось в конце концов.
Я пожарила Бекину яичницу.
Бека понесла свою тарелку с ею приготовленной яичницей к столу.
Я  разбила одно яйцо в тарелочку.
Хана крутилась под ногами.
Я налила чуть чуть молока в разбитое яйцо.
Хана крутилась под ногами.
Хана вилкой разболтала яйцо для яичницы.
Я вилкой разболтала Ханыно яйцо для яичницы так что оно разболталось в конце концов.
Хана крутилась под ногами.
Я пожарила Ханыну яичницу.
Хана крутилась под ногами.
Ханна понесла свою тарелку с ею приготовленной яичницей к столу.


English )


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Сегодня утром Бека нашла Ханыну пропавшую шапку.

Некто не возражает если я буду ругаться нецензурными словами? 

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Becky: Daddy, why you don't have a beard?
Adam: Because I don't like it.
Becky: But daddy, you need a beard like Misha, to hide from bears in the woods.
Adam: <looking at Becky>!?!?!?!?!?!
Becky: Yes daddy, I learned that in school!

Hey, [ profile] svisha_kuzya, how's that disguise working for Misha?
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Вчера Бекка сварганила маленького снеговика из 3-х снежных шариков. Снеговик остался ночевать на улице на нашем придверном коврике. Сегодня, прихожу с работы и Тания мне говорит заглянуть в морозилку. Ну я туда заглядываю и кто вы думаете у нас теперь там живёт...

Yesterday Becky made a small snowman out of three snow balls of various sizes.  The snowman was left to live outside on our door mat.  Today, I come home from work, and Tania tells me to look inside my freezer.  I go look.  can you guess who now lives in our freezer....


Да, это два верхних шарика от снеговика.  Третий остался ночевать на улице опять.  Почему этим шарикам надо было перекочевать в нашу морозилку, мне так и не объяснили.

Yes, that is two top snow balls from the snow man that lives outside.  The third ball still sits outside on our door mat.  Why two thirds of the snowman was transported to our freezer, I still don't know.  Nobody would give me an adequate answer.

Да, и для любопытно-озабоченных нашими нравами, вы абсолютно правы; всего две бутылки Абсолюта это просто позор.  Но не переживайте.  Остальные бутылки водки прекрасно себя чувствуют в нашей второй морозилке в подвале.

Also, for those who are very much conserned about our freezer contents, yes, I agree, that two bottles of Absolute is a disgrace.  But don't worry.  All other vodka bottles are stashed in our big freezer in the basement, so we are well stocked.  

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Can somebody please send a memo to my Becky letting her know that is is infinitely unfair to Santa to change her mind on the one gift she really really wants after said Santa has bought it, wrapped it, and hid it in the attic.
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